Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Most BORING match in Germany 2006...

AND THE AWARD GOES TO... (without fanare) Switzerland vs. The Ukraine.

Boring... it was like watching, non stop, the second hand on a clock move.. for about 130minutes... give or take eternity - we could not, however, look away - yea... we're sorta weak willed that way!

and Predictable... right down to Shevchenko missing the first penalty kick... (no I am NOT making this up... just as Michael)

(Joalifathi Woald Cup Analyst - Ahmed Michael)

Well... it could have been worse... or could it?

On a (more?) personal note... FIFA, what're ya gonna do with Figo? Is he in? Is he out... are you gonna make him (and Portugal) pay a rediculous amount of money? What's gonna happen to him? What, WHAT, WHAT?!?!?

Disclaimer: The above statement is not meant to discredit FIFA or any of it's decisions... FIFA RULEZ... err as far as football is concerned atleast... I'm just curious as to what's to become of Portugal... and you all know I'm not a patient man... so FIFA: OUT WITH IT PEOPLE!!!

and by the way... while we're on the subject... for those of you who don't know yet:

Check out the 'Fan of the match' award on the FIFA World Cup website... yea I meant FAN not MAN - nice idea FIFA...

(One of many to win the FIFA Fan of the Match - Daina Zagata)

nice idea!


Peter said...

Hey buddy, what is your prediction for the Germany vs Argentina game?

aindhy said...

argentina, Argentina, ARGENTINA... but then... the Germans are playing at homw... and with all the support... they could win... might need penmalties for this one... and maybe Germany will go through

Anonymous said...

I'll tell u what will happen to Figo. He will come to the field, take a look at le bleus magnifique, and 90 mins later...walk forlornly off the field with his dejected team mates.

:) hehheh