Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wierdest thing happened last night...

I'd done a bit of shoping... nothing too fancy... just aftershave and shave foam. As I proceeded towards the payment counter I realise that I didn't have enough cash on me. No biggie right? Cos I did have my shiny new BML Visa Debit card - turns out they can't accept my card because their machine only accepts BML Cash Cards only.

Now I'm stuck... and my hopes of a painless shave - SHATTERED (heheh... ok not quite). So I begin counting the notes in my wallet and find I am just three Rufiya short!

So I've got to duck out of the shop and get to an ATM right?

Wrong - a guy behind me gladly covers the three bucks. And you could have knocked me over with a feather. Hardly happens these days. I was really shell shocked - I didn't even get his name BUT I did remember to thank him.

So dude, again - Thanks a billion!

I sure hope Brazil makes it to the Germany 2006 Final (He was wearing a Brazil shirt)... Had this happened before the finals began, I would wish that they win it - but unfortunately I've already printed out my 'Portugal - 2006 winners, all the other teams SUCK!' T-shirts ;)



Peter said...

Maybe that guy was a harbinger of things to become at the FIFA World Cup... he he... Actually, buddy, I think the Argentines have a chance at the cup of seen them play recently? They' ve been super...however, I sure wish the South American teams can make it. They really deserve it because they have really worked hard at it.

aindhy said...

Yea, the Argentineans are good… actually out of the top rated teams they’re the only ones living up to their billing… BUT I chose Portugal cos they’ve got a lot of talent that they haven’t been able to showcase (as a team) on a global level… that and the fact that Brazil and Argentina are so obviously favourites!