Friday, July 11, 2008

One more week to go...

Joker'ized' version of The Dark Knight poster

and the critics... lucky @#$@#$@!%@#$%$# who got to see it before us mortals... are raving...

Sunday, June 15, 2008


After a near perfect campaign... a perfect semi-final... followed by a BRILLIANT final... we are FINALLY and MOST DESERVEDLY the 2008 SAFF Champions!

The Maldives are the new SAFF Champions!!!!

Photo from


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Taking the plunge!

Finally... after two years going 'should I, shouldn't I' I'm finally ready... errr... for a beta test at least...

Seriously - you need me to spell it out for you?!?!

Yes, I'm transitioning to Linux... Ubuntu to be exact... Time will tell if I can stick it through... Initial feeling is that 'this might actually work'...

Monday, May 05, 2008

Seems like Iron Man's flying high

More than 200 million dollars in less than a week! PLUS the fanboys are lovin' it!

[Check out these reviews by Joe Tirella, Michael SanGiacomo, Steve Ekstrom at Newsarama for a true Iron Man / Comic book fan perspective].

Iron Man - concept sketch / art from the movie

They must have done something right - must be a cinematic experience worth... experiencing!

Can't wait for the DVD and/or BluRay!!! ... but I guess I have to...

Next up: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Missing a semi-decent cinema/multiplex right about now

It's that time of the year - summer movie time! The time for event movies... when all the major studios rollout their biggest, LOUDEST, effects filled, explosion fueled blockbusters.

Normally I wouldn't mind. Normally I'd have no trouble waiting for the DVD to come out - especially for those blockbusters.

Promotional art for 'Wanted'

Normally I would not see the summer movie season as a 'season'... granted I'd find a few movies I'd wish I could watch on the big screen but that would not amount to more than a handful...

This summer however feels verrrry different. There are the comic book adaptations - that seem to be done in their original spirit.

Promotional art for 'The Incredible Hulk'

'The Incredible Hulk' - Marvel's revisiting of the Green One after Ang Lee 'messed things up'. I personally like Ang Lee's Hulk. Granted it's not exactly canon BUT I do believe that it remained very true to the spirit of the character... but to each/geek his own I guess... ALTHOUGH I might not have the same opinion if someone messed with Batman... fortunately that is one franchise that has been done right... errr... recently I mean... I sometimes block out the memory of Batman and Robin... more so than Batman Forever...

Promotional art for 'Iron Man'

'Iron Man'... If the trailers/posters/preview clips are any indication... this movie is gonna kick a**! AND headlining the movie are people with some SERIOUS acting chops... although director Jon Favreau's Zathura wasn't exactly brilliant... it was OK... but not... well we'll see... me later than others... but...

Promotional art for 'The Dark Knight'

'The Dark Knight'... is the movie I'm MOST looking forward to... Bale returns with the best of the supporting cast from Batman Begins along with Chirstopher Nolan, one of my favourite directors... AND Batman's infamous nemesis - the Joker... I'm expecting great things... BUT Superman Returns was done by a more than decent director... look how that turned out... in case I wasn't really clear there... I thought Returns SUCKED (technical term)!

Side note on The Dark Knight: The 'viral' marketing campaign (head on to, among others, truly turned viral and it is amazing and fun how they're engaging the fanbase - they've tried to include everyone... I took part in one of the 'tasks' and immediately received a call from 'Jim Gordon'... lil ol me in the Maldives... well it was a recorded message... but you catch my drift! ALSO seems the fans in major global metropolitan areas have already got to see the new trailer... whereas we have to wait till Sunday, May the 5th for a peek at that... BUT there are pirated versions abound on YouTube... sorry not linking to that cos I'd rather see the 'original'.

Promotional art for 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'

And then Indie is back after almost 20 years... man I feel old... though I must admit... Harrison Ford still looks the part... he looks old... but still looks the part... at least in the promos we've seen so far...

Promotional art for 'The X-Files: I want to Believe'

and then Scully and Mulder are reunited once again... or so I hear... in the new X-Files movie... and there's also.. going back to the comics again... The Spirit (although the trailer's not imbued me with a lot of confidence in this one... still)... and Wanted...

Promotional art for 'The Spirit'... errr there IS a version with The Spirit too!

OK, having recounted all the reasons why I'd love to be in the vicinity of cinema/multiplex... there seem still to be only a handful of movies... hmmm... so maybe there aren't that many reasons... BUT... except maybe for The Spirit... the others have the potential to make this a worthwhile season... then again... big studio productions squander such opportunities more than they take advantage... so... I might be better off waiting for the DVDs...

Maybe I'll tide myself over with the Batman: Gotham Knight DVD...

Cover art for 'Batman: Gotham Knight'

hmmmm... I maybe I delude myself pretty well sometimes... Oh well... bring on the DVDs... or BluRays... MAN!!! Now I've gotta decide on the format too... well... I've got time haven't I? CURSES!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


That I can't seem to update my blog. May be if i did that then... well... then again... maybe not...

Monday, February 11, 2008

KITT's coming back...

First in a 2 hour television movie... and then IF it's (he's?!?!?) popular... it'll be in a brand 'new' series...
Promotional art for the new Knight Rider

Well... not totally. The new series is going to be a continuation of the original starring David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight - in fact 'The Hoff' *snicker* has a cameo.

I must admit, I was a fan back in the late 1980s - HEY! I was a kid OK!?!?!? And a talking car that had Batmobile-ish capabilities was VERY COOL!

But that was then... I must admit thought... I don't have such a good feeling about this new incarnation (the new Bionic Woman anyone?!?!) But hoping against hope...

Pete - your 2 cents?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Feels like I'm standing still...

Or moving backwards instead of forwards... what was rewarding is now not and what wasn't is...

Why can't I have the cake and eat it too... just a nibble?