Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I take it back.


It was going to be Moffat in charge after all. I should never had doubted things.

I should have known better – because, unlike with Davies, who was terrific in bringing the series back and started off things extremely well, Moffat's always been consistently stellar with what he's brought to the series.

So Matt Smith, who I initially felt was VERY WRONG (because of this) for the part... might actually work.

What am I prattling on about you ask?

I speak of Doctor Who. More specifically – the 11th incarnation of the Doctor.

The BBC series began, initially, in 1963 and went on uninterrupted till 1989. After which there was a 1996 television movie – at the time it didn't garner enough interest for a comeback.

Then in 2005 the series was relaunched thanks to Russell T. Davies and Co. and it was then that I was first introduced to “the longest-running science fiction television show in the world”. By then there had been eight doctors.

Teasers and trailers for the 2005 series

This made my first doctor the Ninth Doctor – he was BRILLIANT! I was an instant fan and still consider Christopher Eccleston's take to be my quintessential doctor.

But, alas, after just one series, the Doctor would regenerate. David Tennant took over as the 10th Doctor and, while I was hugely disappointed to see Eccleston leave, I have to admit that Tennant wasn't half bad – just a hair short of 'BRILLIANT!' just basic 'Brilliant' or maybe a touch above basic...

Moving on.

We now have the 11th Doctor (or will in 2010) and while I was initially skeptical, because of Smith's age and his look... I'm back on the fence on this one... The new look (full|800 x 600) does seem to do the trick... and Moffat IS in charge.

So now I'm maybe more of a believer that this will work rather than on the fence...

[Note to reader(s): My apologies for there being no pictures/visuals in this post. At time of hitting "Publish" issues with blogger prevented me from correctly posting any pictures with this entry. Please check back later for a more 'complete' look.]