Thursday, June 22, 2006

The results for the Text message instant poll:
Blu Ray vs. HD DVD is...

Afrah: Blu Ray
Shuna: Blu Ray (reconsidered from original choice of HD DVD)
Pete: HD DVD
Ben: Brazil (so sorry Ben... this means u contribute nothing!)
Aiman: Blu Ray
Aindhy: Blu Ray

80% for Blu Ray - 20% for HD DVD and nothing but a 'Portugal are gonna kick arse' to Ben

There you go - the Blu Rays have it!

OK - my two cents on why Blu Ray has to win.

Simply put - this format war is not just about video (as was the war between VHS and Betamax)... it's also about Data Capacity... and Blu Ray's got more. Which also mean EXTRA stuff on the video releases... like Special Effects features etc... you know how I LOVE the extras (when they mean something).

In brief - I hope that when the dust settles it's Blu Ray that's left standing!

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