Tuesday, January 20, 2009


[Disclaimer: This is a RANT. For saner entries please scroll down, browse 'What was said before' OR move on to some other blogs.]
Who is really looking out for the public interest and protecting
the constitution?!?!?

Nobody seems to be interested in putting out the, proverbial, fire!

The judiciary are (obviously?) over-stepping their bounds in a 'hunger for power'... the executive, apparently, pays no heed to the 176 page "guideline" to governing the Maldivian people  (I say this because they seem to treat it as such - especially as it were a crappy set of guidelines)... the legislature seem too busy because they're, mostly, acting out their their weekly soap opera!

Oh and yea... it seems that being the Forth Estate (media), in the Maldives, is a spectator sport!

Apparently in a democracy the people get the government that they deserve - boy we must have s@#$*@#d up BIG TIME in a past life!

That's it... that's all I gotta say on the subject... F$#@!!! OK that was it! SERIOUSLY! Now you can move along to more eloquent blogs and blog entries.


aindhy said...

hmmm... judging between the heading and the body of the post...

I must have been a tad too worked up and lost focus... slightly!!!

Heh heh heh...

Oh well... and having this entry 'edited' multiple times seems not to have helped matters.... heh heh heh...

Still... it's still relevant... I think... Yes/No?

aindhy said...

Hmmm... Changed the title... I think that makes it more relevant... and makes me look more sensible... as sensible as is possible in the context of a rant!

Hilath said...

Aindhy, it's nice to find an avenue to vent out our frustrations, even through short ranting posts.

Heck, if Maldives wasn't a small society where we can have anonymity I would have directly given the finger to many people and my posts would be direct personal attacks.

But in Maldives we can't do that because economically and socially we are all dependent on each and everybody.

A friend advised me that I should set up an anonymous blog where I can TOTALLY FREELY express myself, including foul language, profanity and even obscene cartoons, pictures and artwork bordering on even violence and what could even border on pornographic (DO Sappe did that and got away with it, eh. Amazing dho. I salute him for his bravery and daring and courage!)

The idea is quite appealing but the thing is if we do get caught, we might soon find difficult to find work that will pay an income and also socialise around.

How tragic and ironic.

Anonymous said...

Nobody in Maldives understands democracy at all :-(

aindhy said...

At Hilath:

Venting is good - BUT never lower your own personal standards when it comes to being a reporter...

At Cute Dude:

Every time I get really depressed by feeling that way for too long I run into someone that manages to salvage my faith in us... BUT then there are crap loads of people who manage to reverse that in a matter of seconds so...

[Insert deity here] help us!