Thursday, January 29, 2009

God gave us free will...

So why are DJs trying to pull the strings?!?!?

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Shouldn't we each be responsible individually as long as we're not infringing on others?

I mean... We were told about the "free will" provision... and each given a rulebook weren't we?

If we're not each held to account individually then, since they're pulling the strings and keeping us in line, do they take all the responsibility (I don't mind NOT taking all the credit as long as I'm not stuck with the responsibility/aftermath either)? Hmmm... But the way of the DJs suggest - not so!

This is a lose - lose situation for most... if not all!

AND... not really in line with the whole "Humans have free will" line of thought... or is that a crock of bull?

heh heh heh... Sorry if I made your head hurt... woke up this morning with a migraine... so think of this as my version of Karma! ;o)

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