Monday, May 21, 2007

Drop by the National Art Gallery...

If you’re in Malé’s general vicinity be sure to drop in on the new exhibit ‘Beyond the Tourist’s Eye’… I’m by no means a connoisseur… BUT there were some pieces that caught my eye… and linger on in my mind…

This particular exhibit is open for free public viewing on all weekdays except Fridays… it closes on the 7th of June 2007

The National Art Gallery is located at:
131 Majeedhee Magu (the same building as the National Library)

There are plans to move the exhibit to Sri Lanka after the 7th (although dates are yet to be announced)… so if you have friends there be sure to let them know…

The image of the painting below links to the gallery’s website – alas it is severely out of date… for the most current information I suggest you get in touch with them directly.

Odessa Girl by Umai Mohamed Badiu; a 10" x 14", Water Colour painting which was part of the gallery's 'Maldives Contemporary 2005' Exhibit.

I must admit that Odessa Girl is one of my favourite Maldivian paintings - however you won't find it in the gallery's current exhibit.

For those of you not around the
Malé area, you can take a look at the paintings from the 'Maldives Contemporary 2005' Exhibit online - online images of the current exhibit are not yet available.


Peter said...

Hey buddy, married life must have did you some good. Now you're into paintings. I miss ya guys and Male. Never thought I'd miss any place so badly. Doesn't matter if its a Tuna gallery, I'd still rather be there.

Pearl said...

Well said.