Tuesday, July 18, 2006


(Design - or lack there of - by Adam Cooper...
Do you guys need a caption for this picture?!?! Really?!?!)

Mr. Kean (can't believe I said that with a straight face... although it takes a lot of my concentration to type) was my boss in unicef for just two months... too short a time mate!

He's gone to Winchester (UK... like you didn't guess - a name like Winchester... gotta be the UK) and hopes to come back a... Master of Media and Theatre was it?

We (at unicef) miss your keen sense of humour... ok maybe more Kean than keen... (Kean = out there as apposed to keen = Sharp.. heheheh!)... we miss the singing-out-loud in the office, we miss the WHO (who?) joke, we miss the 'Hello Motto' and 'Bip bip bip beep beep bi bi bip!' ringtones... AND we missed ya at the ...RETREAT!

Good luck with the horrid weather and the fish and chips!!!!

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